I drove over to Walgreen’s today for one of our employees- he has a cold. of course i only had to go for this reason but still had to buy candy, chips and magazines (even though the new February issues are coming out in a few days). by the way WHY ARE PRINGLES SO ADDICTING?! i bought the ranch flavor and ate almost half the can in about 15 minutes. GROSS.

anyway so while in line at the check out- only ONE cashier mind you- an older woman is protesting the price of a lipstick- she had coupons-so it was warranted…..ha so- the cashier, an older gentleman, calls for a price check. (now to set the scene it is about 11:30am on a Tuesday in a regular town in jersey…not crowded..about 3 people in the whole store and a bunch of employees doing nothing)

so a few minutes later..and nothing…i look around..2 women are b.s’ing by the photo stand-rolling their eyes- i guess one of them worked in the “beauty” department of Walgreen’s. so the man again calls for a price check. at this point i am getting annoyed because i am very close to picking up another pack of gum and chapstick to add to the collection in my car and purses! finally another woman emerges from the “holiday” aisle and goes to find the price- so the gentleman of a cashier decides to keep the line moving while all of this is taking place and takes the next customer- who has KY Gentle Glide as one of her items…happy Tuesday to you!

i don’t understand why people can’t do their jobs- especially when you are being summoned via loudspeaker, by name, to assist! it’s really annoying and i am tired of it. i find this situation also in fast food places- most miserable humans! except for that one Wendy’s drive thru cashier that calls me honey/sweetie- kid’s like 17. endearing.

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